Saturday, July 28, 2007

2007 World Scout Jamboree

As of today, the four of us who have been serving on the International Service Team ("IST") have been at the World Jamboree for a full week. Time has really flown! Although yesterday was the first  day of the Jamboree, the event officially commenced with the opening ceremony. Mark and Chip were fortunate in being able to get within about 15 feet of Prince Williams as he entered the arena area while we were performing our Jamboree jobs as "stewards", which is the English way of saying security detail. It was fun watching the flags of all the countries represented march into the arena to the cheers of their fellow country members.
Yesterday Jamboree Troop 220  composed of Scouts from our Heart of VA Council  and most of the rest of VA arrived and set up their camp. They flew out of Dulles on Monday, arrived in London on Tuesday and had been seeing the sights around the London area up until they arrived at the Jamboree. The Scouts all seemed to be excited about finally arriving at the Jamboree. 
We have been blessed with the past two days with good weather  AND NO RAIN. Tomorrow, which is Sunday,  the Scouts have an opportunity to experience other faiths by visiting the faith and beliefs tents from many of the world's religions.
Mark and I have to report for the graveyard shift (i.e. 11pm to 8 am) as stewards. That should be an interesting experience. Sam is blazing the trail by doing the graveyard shift tonight beginning at 11 pm. By settling into our regular Jamboree jobs, we are starting to get into a routine.
Got to run. Yours in Scouting,
Chip Delano

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