Sunday, July 29, 2007

The rain is back

Oh well, the sun was nice while it lasted.  It rained again all night but was clearing at day break.  The two days of mostly clear skies was great as the youth were arriving and the opening ceremony could happen with good weather.  You sort of get used to the mud.
Today will be a venture to the plaza area to check out the international tents and the faiths/beliefs area.  It's an open day but will end with a stewarding shift starting at 11 PM followed by another tomorrow afternoon. 
While doing research in 2003 on International Scouting" ticket for Wood Badge, I stumbled across the International scout camp in Switzerland called Kanderstag.  It intrigued me as a great place to take a troop for an international excursion.  Since that time, I've heard about it from Gary Bryant and also John Turner.  Yesterday, I found a pavilion representing the camp and got some information.  Perhaps I can generate some interest with a few troops joining efforts and going there in 2009.