Thursday, July 26, 2007


With only afternoon training today, a group of us ventured to Chelmsford which is about an hour walk from the middle of the Jamboree site in Hyland Park.  We each had an item that we wanted to find.  Mine was a thicker rain jacket which I found in a small shop along the canal. 
Chelmsford is a pretty town and very English.  On the way back, we stumbled across the Essex museum which had a nice collection of Baden Powell items including several sketches and paintings of his.  Also saw an original Scout handbook. 
Rain for about an hour made everything soggy but it is very cool and windy tonight with clear skies.  The british say this is very unusual for the summer.  There is much mud with 8000 people using the same routes.  You just slog on.
We start our jobs tomorrow and Saturday.  Three of us are sort of like friendly rent-a-cops called stewards.  If anything serious occurs, we call for backup.  We will work rotating shifts that run 9 hours - including the night shift.
Good times and lots of energy here with most being quite young.