Friday, August 3, 2007

Chatting in the evenings

Most evenings are the time when folks get together.  The American group we collected along the way has pretty much stuck together but we make an effort to sit next to someone new at dinner and strike up a conversation.  Most folks here are quite chatty and will have a long conversation with you. 
Last night after dinner, I tried to find Mike at his tent to communicate return travel plans.  He wasn't there but a 19 year old who we met up with at Heathrow was in his adjacent tent.  Phillip has been pretty detached and not interacting with others his age so I suggested he hang with me and wait for the others to gather at the table area where we spend most evenings.  Having received a deck of cards from the Las Vegas contingent, we started playing a game called speed.  Shortly, a Finnish young lady came by a wanted to learn how to play this game and any other American game.  After a short while, other young people had gathered and I slipped to the side - my mission accomplished.  There were about (5) 20-something Americans with 6 Finns in their blue and white skull caps when I left at 10:00 PM.
At dinner last night, our adjacent person happened to be an American from Virginia Beach who is working the Protestant tent at the Faith and Belief zone.  He is a methodist and very involved with promoting scouting with the Methodist Church.  We had some common friends and he knew the HQ for the Va Methodists that I did on Staples Mill.  As with most here, we exchanged cards afterwards.
I broke down and bought a "hot dog" today which was actually an English sausage on a bun.  Quite good to me as the food is starting to become a bore.  Now off to catch a nap before the double shift that starts at midnight.  Hope the weather holds out.