Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Closing up camp

Today is the day most youth are dropping camp - many are leaving tonight or early morning after the closing ceremony from 9-11 PM tonight.  It should be a big production with fireworks at the end.  The camp is starting to look bare as everything is being taken down in the youth and program areas.  The adult hub will start disappearing tomorrow. 
Tomorrow afternoon is our steward party then we'll camp out at the bus area till our 2 or 5 AM bus to Heathrow.  We're way early but thought it best to get there since we'll be up all night anyway.
I put a few more photos on the side panel and suspect our internet access may be turned off at the end of the day.  Everything here is run by volunteers and as they disappear, things tend to close up.  I seriously wonder if they'll be able to open the adult restaurant tomorrow with as little volunteer turnout as they've had.  We'll see.
When we get home, I imagine our group will add some final comments and pictures.  I hope all who read the blog enjoyed it.  If you want to send any comments or get more info about the next Jamboree, you can email me at uklars@comcast.net with a subject line "jambo".
Cherrio old blokes.  Mark