Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sunrise Celebration at the Jamboree

This morning the 40,000 scouts and leaders here were linked via closed circuit to the groups camping at Brown Sea Island where the kudu horn was blown 3 times to signal the 100 year mark of scouting. The same occasion is to be marked by scouts around the world today. It is my understanding that back in Virginia there is a slightly smaller celebration at Brady Saunders.

The scouts here at the jamboree were animated all wearing yellow scarves given to us for this occasion. Several times they started twirling them in the air which made for a cool sight. At one point, all scouts stood up and stated in unison their own country's scout oath. Near the end, the founder's grandson (who is perhaps 80) read a statement from BP about scouting and mentioned how he would be excited by this event and how scouting has continued. The event was way cool.

There are special events around the camp today and the normal programs are suspended for this day. I suppose we'll catch what we can.