Thursday, August 2, 2007

Getting Into a Routine

The four of us are all on different cycles now but see each other for at least one meal and evening chill out.  Work is mostly walking around but you occasionally do a tough shift at a gate where people without credentials get unhappy when being turned away. 
Today there were 3 buses of Americans who came to my gate without going to the checkin at the North Weald airport 20 minutes from here.  Unlike the US Jamboree at AP Hill, there is no parking on site and the ticket is 20 pounds.  You must access the site via shuttle bus unless you're the ambassador to one of the contingents or drive a truck to haul out the sewage.  There is just no room for cars. 
There was a good bit of frustration as whoever was in charge of their tour didn't do their homework.  I heard a good bit of American entitlement from their leaders when they found out they just couldn't show up and walk off the bus.  It's for everyone's security as we smile and treat everyone the same. 
Tomorrow will start my night and evening grind so I'll be fairly incoherent for the next two days.